The Microlearning Revolution: How Small Lessons Can Generate Big Results in Employee Training

Microlearning is a form of learning in which information is delivered in short, succinct modules on simple, accessible platforms.  It was devised as an alternative to traditional learning methods, which can sometimes be counterproductive.  Today’s workforce simply does not have the patience to read, digest, and remember long, tedious packets of information.  Instead, microlearning is becoming an invaluable tool for employee training.  Microlearning is especially successful with millennials and Gen Z – the incoming labor pool.  It uses multiple types of short, easily digestible lessons, available on various sites.  There are various platforms and types of succinct lessons that can be used for microlearning.

Types of Microlearning

  • Short how-to videos (on YouTube or your company website)
  • TED talks
  • Interactive modules
  • Gamified activities
  • Short articles
  • Infographics
  • Questions/surveys

Using these shorter lessons in place of traditional employee training programs can be a great solution if your current method is time consuming, expensive, or disliked by employees.

Benefits of Microlearning

Increased Participation

Employees are more likely to use online learning tools if they’re not tedious and time consuming.  A study by Software Advice found that almost 60% of employees claimed that they would be more likely to partake in online training programs if the lessons were broken down into smaller segments.

Improved Information Retention

In addition to encouraging employee participation in online training, microlearning is proven to help your workforce better retain the information from these courses.  Studies have found it’s 20% more effective than traditional office training methods.


Another benefit to micro-learning platforms is their mobile-friendliness.  Employees can partake in online lessons from their smartphones whenever and wherever they want.  This convenience improves the odds of your employees actually taking advantage of your company’s online learning materials.

Cost Savings

Finally, microlearning tends to be a very affordable employee training option.  It saves money that traditional training methods spend on office space, class instructors, and lesson materials.  It also allows your company to update their online content as often as you’d like without having to crowd the entire office into the conference room for a whole new training session.


If you’re finding that your employees are struggling to retain information from (or simply not participating in) work training, implementing microlearning practices is a great solution.  Don’t be fooled by its name – microlearning can have a big impact on the success of your employee training programs.


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