New Feature: HireSelect Results Analysis

Today’s blog post is by Wayne Chuen, the lead software engineer in Criteria’s product development group. Wayne directs Criteria’s software development initiatives.

Over the last few months, the product development team at Criteria has been hard at work on a new tool that will help customers visualize and analyze their test results. Instead of simply delivering a list of test results by candidate, the Results Analysis tool uses interactive charts to present an aggregate view of a company’s candidate pool, while allowing customers to drill down to the candidate level.

When a customer enters the Results Analysis section, they are asked to determine which data they wish to analyze (for example, you might want to look at all Customer Service Representative candidates that you’ve tested in the past year.) Once you (a HireSelect user) select a data set, you’ll see an interactive page that presents data by test, where each test is a new tab. For example, in the tab for the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST), a pie chart shows the percentage of candidates that scored in the Excellent, Good, Fair, or Low range. Clicking any of these pie slices will highlight the relevant candidates in the Candidate Scores bar chart. Additionally, there is a section that shows the average and median scores of a candidate pool, along with a suggested cutoff score. You can compare those statistics to your past candidates, overall national norms, or position-specific norms by simply selecting the appropriate category from a drop-down list. By clicking any of these scores, another pie chart will show the percentage of your candidate pool that scored at that level or above.

Hire Select

In the tab for the Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CSAP), clicking the bars in the Customer Service Characteristics bar chart will show you the percentage of your candidate pool that scored Low, Average, or High for that trait.

The big payoff comes in the Candidate Selection tab. After analyzing your results in each of the test-specific tabs, you can use sliders in the Candidate Selection section to set minimum scores, and immediately see the percentage of matching candidates in a pie chart. The list of matching candidates will also automatically update and show only the candidates that qualify based on the scores you set. With the click of a button, you can then export the qualified candidates list as an Excel spreadsheet.

We believe that the Results Analysis section is a big step forward as HireSelect continues to evolve. It will make it much easier for organizations to analyze aggregate testing data from their applicant pool. If you’re currently a HireSelect subscriber, there’s no additional charge or anything you need to do to activate this feature; it’s already available to you as the second tab in the Results section. However, if you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know in the Comments section below or by giving us a call. If you’re not a subscriber, but would like to check out this new feature, along with what we believe to be the most user-friendly employee testing solution available today, feel free to begin a free trial of HireSelect.