Microsoft Skills Tests Now Live on HireSelect

Well, we’ve now put the Microsoft skills tests live on HireSelect (read about it in the press release.)  The integration of these tests took longer than we expected, and right now they are in beta release, because we are still gathering customer feedback and making sure they are bug-free.

One of the great things about delivering software over the web is that when we make changes we get immediate feedback from our customers. If a new feature isn’t intuitive, we hear about it right away and can immediately improve it; if there’s a bug that we didn’t catch in QA, we learn about it right away once a customer encounters it. While constantly upgrading our software does introduce the possibility of minor technical glitches, this is far outweighed, we believe, by the fact that our customers don’t have to wait six months for the next release to see new features they want, as is the case with companies that are still distributing their software in shrink-wrapped CDs.