Measuring the Effectiveness of Assessments – Webinar Recap

In today’s hiring economy, more and more organizations are seeking to incorporate data to improve their hiring outcomes. This has likely led to the growth of pre-employment assessments, which 82% of organizations are now using in some form, according to data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The greatest value in using an objective, data-driven tool like assessments is that they are backed by evidence that the assessments drive the results that matter – job performance, faster to time to hire, and long-term retention. However, we know anecdotally that many organizations are not actively tracking or evaluating the effectiveness of their assessments.

In last week’s webinar, we were joined by HR Bartender’s Sharlyn Lauby, who outlined the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your assessments. She also reviewed six of the major metrics that you can use to capture that insight for your organization. By understanding the impact of pre-employment assessments on your hiring process and job outcomes, HR professionals can develop the tools to enhance their position as strategic partners within their organizations.

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