Introducing the New HireSelect

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of the new HireSelect. This relaunch is a long time in the making, and the updates were inspired by the customer feedback we gathered over the last 10+ years. Everything you’ll find within the new HireSelect was designed with a simple goal in mind: to make it easier for you to hire faster and smarter.

Here are a few of the biggest changes you’ll notice:

Streamlined User Interface

The new HireSelect makes it easier than ever to administer tests, view results, and filter candidates. Part of this is thanks to the new hiring pipelines that help you organize your candidates by sorting them through different stages of your company’s hiring funnel. You can even set up automation to move your candidates to a different stage based on a specific action – for example, whether or not they met your baselines. Or you can drag and drop candidates into any stage of the process.

New HireSelect Dashboard

One-Click Job Postings

Now you can post your jobs directly through HireSelect thanks to a partnership with ZipRecruiter. When you post through HireSelect, your job posts automatically get a TrafficBoost to increase visibility across ZipRecruiter and over 100 job boards online. Add on ZipRecruiter credits to get started.

One-Click Job Postings with ZipRecruiter

Simplified Collaboration and Sharing

We made the process for assigning user permissions more simple and intuitive with role-based users. Quickly and easily assign roles to each of your users, or set up your own custom roles. You can also create hiring teams and assign users to these teams so that you can easily collaborate and share test scores with your department.

Applicant Source Tracking

Ever wonder where your candidates are coming from? Now you can easily generate source links for each job. When an applicant applies using the generated testing link, you’ll be able to see the source from which they applied on the candidate’s profile.