Introducing JobFlare, a Brain Games App for Job Seekers

Today Criteria is proud to announce the launch of JobFlare, a new iOS app designed to help job seekers get connected with employers based on their abilities. The app features 6 fast-paced brain games that measure qualities that employers look for in their employees: attention to detail, verbal ability, math skills, and memory.

For ten years Criteria has been helping employers identify talent and make better hiring decisions by using our tests to evaluate applicants. But the biggest problem we hear from employers is that it’s very hard to find enough talented, qualified applicants. JobFlare’s “gamified” cognitive aptitude tests flip the script in recruiting. It helps applicants stand out from the crowd, and offers a way for employers to “go beyond their funnel” and find talented applicants wherever they are. Because the app is free and fun to use, job seekers can download the app and start playing right away, and their scores will serve as a talent signal regardless of their job experience or background.

How does it work? Check out the press release below to learn more:

Criteria Corp’s New JobFlare App Uses Scientifically Designed Brain Games to Connect Job Seekers with Opportunities

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 24, 2017) Criteria Corp, a leader in pre-employment testing, announced today the official launch of JobFlare, an iOS app designed to change the way job hunting and talent discovery take place for job seekers and companies. By allowing users to play various brain games that are scientifically crafted to test key talents and cognitive abilities, JobFlare revolutionizes the way people get connected with jobs. JobFlare games focus on abilities that have been shown to predict long-term job performance, providing employers with insight into abilities that can’t be discerned from a resume.

“Verbal communication, quantitative ability, attention to detail, and other skills have long been identified as traits associated with job success,” says Josh Millet, Founder & CEO of Criteria Corp and JobFlare. “JobFlare lets users demonstrate these traits through fun games, showing off their potential to employers regardless of their job experience or educational background.”

Through a set of six 90-second games, JobFlare assesses key cognitive abilities and allows users to compare their scores to others seeking jobs in the same field. Users sign up, enter their basic job interests and location, and play games like “Robot Inspector” and “Mumble Jumble.” Based on performance results and their user profile, job seekers are sent relevant job postings via email. Top scorers may be contacted individually with exclusive job opportunities.

The app is ideal for young adults looking for their first job, people looking to switch careers, or any talented individuals looking to get recognized for their abilities. For employers, JobFlare offers a talent-surfacing engine that helps forward-thinking companies discover candidates who may not have traditional backgrounds but have great potential to succeed. By focusing on traits that are scientifically proven to predict long-term success, JobFlare shines a spotlight on individuals that have the ability to grow into star performers.

JobFlare is now available as a free download from the Apple Store. For more information, visit


Criteria Corp is a pre-employment testing company that creates software for employers to gather objective data on job candidates with aptitude, personality, and skills tests. This helps companies incorporate data-driven methodologies into their hiring process, resulting in reduced turnover and more productive employees.


Created by Criteria Corp, a leading pre-employment testing company, JobFlare is a free iOS app that allows job seekers to be discovered for their abilities and potential. The app consists of six 90-second brain games that track performance in key predictors of job success: math ability, verbal ability, attention to detail, and memory. Based on the user’s profile and performance, relevant job opportunities will be sent to them via email.

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