How to Harvest Top Talent This Fall

While the weather cools in the fall, job postings heat up.  According to Linkedin’s data, the most job listings are typically posted in September and October, more than any other month.  With hiring managers returning from vacation, companies hustling to fill their open roles by the end of the year, and a sudden demand for seasonal workers, many businesses find themselves struggling to find quality candidates (or even sufficient candidates) to fill their open roles.

If your company needs a boost with your hiring this autumn, here are some strategies proven to improve your chances of success:

Streamline your hiring process

Reducing your time-to-hire is crucial to improving your success. Nearly 60% of candidates lose interest in a position if the hiring process is too lengthy.  Try investing in applicant tracking systems (ATS) and pre-employment testing services to more efficiently evaluate and communicate with candidates

Use employee referral programs

Another great way to improve your odds of snagging a great hire is by relying on your own employees.  Use your existing talent to recommend new talent! A great way to incentivize this is by offering a small bonus to anyone who refers a candidate who ends up being hired.

Write great job ads

With platforms like LinkedIn inundated with job ads, it’s essential that your job ad stands out to candidates.  For 7 tips on how to write the most engaging job posts, check out our guide.

Emphasize company culture

One of the best ways to attract great employees is by simply being a great place to work.  If your company fosters a diverse, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere, your reputation will spread to job seekers.  Emphasize your awesome work atmosphere on your website and in your job ads in case an applicant hasn’t heard about it through word of mouth!


Don’t let tough hiring competition give you chills this fall.  Spice up your hiring process with new technologies and branding initiatives to give yourself an edge this hiring season!