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HireSelect Now Integrates with JazzHR

Written by Michelle Silverstein

Today we’re excited to announce that Criteria’s testing platform, HireSelect, now integrates with JazzHR.

JazzHR is a user-friendly recruiting platform designed to help growing companies exceed their recruiting goals, a mission that Criteria shares. JazzHR’s intuitive platform makes it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to hire the best talent more efficiently. We’re excited to partner with JazzHR to provide even more value to our mutual customers by streamlining the talent assessment stage in the hiring process.

The integration with JazzHR enables our joint customers to manage the entire hiring process in one place, making it possible to evaluate and highlight the candidates with the highest potential within your applicant pools. You can now administer Criteria’s pre-employment assessments and view the results all within the JazzHR platform.

Interested in streamlining your assessment process? Sign up for a free trial of JazzHR’s hiring platform or talk to your Customer Success Manager to get started.


Michelle Silverstein

Written by Michelle Silverstein

Michelle Silverstein has over 5 years of experience in content marketing and writing, specializing in B2B and SaaS with a particular focus in the HR space.

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