Criteria Now Integrates with Breezy HR

Today we’re excited to announce that Criteria now integrates with Breezy HR’s all-in-one recruiting platform. The partnership enables you to seamlessly administer Criteria’s tests and view results all within Breezy’s platform.

Breezy HR is a modern, effortless end-to-end recruiting product that streamlines the entire hiring process. Breezy’s award-winning customer service, exceptionally intuitive platform, and commitment to data-driven metrics make our partnership a perfect match.

The benefits of the integration are clear. Our joint customers will be able to launch assessments directly within Breezy without having to toggle between two systems. The assessments can be launched either automatically through workflows or on an individual basis. Once a candidate completes a test, you’ll get real-time access to the test results and test batteries, again all within Breezy’s platform.

HireSelect Now Integrates with Breezy HR - Dashboard Screenshot

Setting up the integration is a “breeze.” If you’re a Criteria customer, all you have to do is:

  1. Request an API key from Criteria
  2. Log in to your Breezy account
  3. Select Integrations from the settings gear icon
  4. Select Criteria Corp from the assessments section
  5. Enter the email address used to login to Criteria, account ID, and password in the prompt
  6. And you’re all set to start testing!

If you’re a Criteria customer who already uses Breezy HR, reach out to your Customer Success Manager about setting up the integration.

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