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Game-Based Assessments: Webinar Recap

Written by Michelle Silverstein

Earlier this week, we presented a webinar with HR.com about game-based assessments and how they can be used to enhance the candidate experience.

Brad Schneider, our VP of Assessment Science, pinpointed some major trends we’re noticing in the HR space that have contributed to the rise of gamification. The first is that we’re in a candidate-driven market, caused in part by historically low unemployment that enables candidates to (rightfully) be choosy about where they want to work. This exacerbates the rising challenge that employers are facing when it comes to attracting high quality applicants among limited talent pools. And finally, we’re also seeing the growing importance of mobile devices in our everyday lives, especially within the job search process.

All of these trends converge to create a need for game-based assessments and the benefits they have to offer: a scientifically valid way to predict job performance while providing a positive and engaging candidate experience.

In this webinar, we took a deeper dive into game-based assessments. Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • The driving trends behind game-based assessments
  • The importance of candidate experience
  • What game-based assessments are, as well as their benefits
  • The importance of predictive validity when it comes to game-based assessments
  • Examples for incorporating game-based assessments into the hiring process

Click here to access the entire webinar on-demand.


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Michelle Silverstein

Written by Michelle Silverstein

Michelle Silverstein has over 5 years of experience in content marketing and writing, specializing in B2B and SaaS with a particular focus in the HR space.

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