Finding More Qualified Candidates in 2021: Webinar Recap

One of the biggest challenges that hiring professionals face year after year is the ability to find high quality job candidates. In fact, according to survey data from our annual Hiring Benchmark Report, hiring professionals have ranked this as their top challenge for three consecutive years.

The goal of hiring is always to find the best person for the role, but so many factors can affect that outcome. For example, who is applying for the role in the first place? What sources are you using to advertise job openings? How fast is your hiring process? What skills are requirements as opposed to “nice-to-haves”? And how can you efficiently and accurately evaluate the candidates in your applicant pool?

In our latest webinar, we invited Sharlyn Lauby, author of HR Bartender, to share some of the best practices for sourcing and hiring more qualified candidates. We discuss:

  • The reasons that sourcing for quality over quantity yields better results in the long run
  • Managing time to hire to compete for the best talent
  • Ways to assess your recruiting process to make sure it fits the needs for a hybrid or remote workforce
  • Strategies for building pools of high-quality talent and maintaining those networks

For more insights on attracting more qualified candidates this year, catch the webinar on-demand.