Exciting Updates in HireSelect®!

Today we’re releasing a whole host of awesome updates in HireSelect, all designed to make your experience even more streamlined and user-friendly. The most obvious change is that we’ve given HireSelect a design facelift, and we’ve also added a number of really great new features that we think you’ll enjoy:

New and Improved Dashboard

We redesigned the Dashboard to give you easy access to the activities you do the most in HireSelect. See the latest testing activity, easily copy links to your test batteries, and quickly find and compare the results for your most recent job postings. You can also view some of the latest updates in HireSelect or schedule a training session with one of our experts.

New HireSelect Dashboard

Streamlined Test Administration

Administering tests is now easier than ever on the new Administer Tests tab. Here you can administer tests in two different ways – by using testing links or by scheduling tests manually. You can still administer tests in the same ways you did before, but we’ve restructured the page to make the process more intuitive. To view the new page, head to the Administer Tests tab.

New HireSelect Testing Page

Resume Viewer: A Game-Changing Feature!

The Resume Viewer streamlines the way that you view all of your candidates’ resumes. With this new feature, you can now select one or more resumes and search them for important keywords. From the Resume Viewer, you can view all the relevant information associated with that candidate, including their test scores and the workflow statuses associated with them. You can also download and print the resume, rate the candidate, and add additional notes. And if you have a HireSelect Pro account, you can email the candidate directly from the viewer.

To use the Resume Viewer, go to the main Results page, check the boxes next to the resumes you want to view, and then click the Resume Viewer tab in the blue box on the right.

New HireSelect Resume Viewer

New FAQs and Help Section

We’ve just added a new FAQs section where you can find answers to a lot of your questions about HireSelect. Find the FAQs under the new Help tab.

We also created a new page under the Help tab called HireSelect Updates where we’ll regularly add information about any of the new updates we put out in the future. Check back to this section to catch any updates you may have missed!

New HireSelection FAQs Page

We know change can be intimidating, and we’re here to help! As always, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you need a quick walk-through of any of the new functionalities in HireSelect.