Evidence-Based Hiring: Webinar Recap

Evidence-based hiring is the gold standard of the modern hiring process. An evidence-based process uses data and evidence to deliver the most predictive information about your candidates.

Building an evidence-based hiring process involves incorporating hiring methods that have been validated to predict job performance. This includes everything from cognitive ability assessments and work samples to structured interviews and job-related skills.

In this webinar, Criteria’s Director of Product Marketing, Ashir Badami, discusses the core elements required to build your own evidence-based hiring process. While every organization has unique needs, the most successful evidence-based hiring processes are:

  1. Predictive
  2. Holistic
  3. Objective
  4. Standardized
  5. Tech-enabled
  6. Validated

Watch the webinar on-demand to understand how you can build an evidence-based process that drives results for your organization.