Check out the new HireSelect!

We’re excited to announce the release of a major update to HireSelect! Below, is the e-mail we sent to customers describing some of the new features:

As promised, today we released a major upgrade to HireSelect. The most important thing to know is that all of your old links and previously scheduled tests will be unaffected – there is no need to reschedule any tests. While the basic structure of the service hasn’t changed, HireSelect now has a cleaner look and feel and a variety of new features, many of which were first suggested by customers. To make sure HireSelect doesn’t get too cluttered, we’ve also removed a few features that weren’t getting much use or that were duplicated elsewhere in the service. Overall, the goal was to make HireSelect more intuitive, but also more robust. The changes are too numerous to list, but here are the most significant upgrades:

  1. Results section: The biggest change you’ll notice is that the Results page looks completely different. We’ve streamlined the design to show one candidate per row, with the candidate information on the left, and the results from each test on the right. We’ve also added two significant new features:
    1. A “notes” feature that allows users to write notes about the candidate.
    2. A candidate rater feature that gives you the ability to assign an overall rating (green, yellow or red, hence the traffic light icon) to indicate how good a match a candidate is for a position.
  2. Schedule / Administer Tests: We’ve revised and renamed the “Schedule” section. Some users were confused by that name so we now call it “Administer Tests”. And within this section the Link Generator page is gone! But don’t worry; we wouldn’t just remove one of the most important and beloved features. Instead, we’ve included it in the Test Batteries page. Now, instead of going to a separate section to generate a link, the link will be automatically displayed with each of your Test Batteries. On the Test Batteries page, look for the “Link to administer test” under each Test Battery name.
  3. Job Profiler / Test Selection: The section called “Job Profiler” has also been renamed, it’s now called Test Selection, in order to make clear that the main purpose of the Job Profiler tool is to help you choose the right, job-relevant tests for each position for which you’re testing. Within the Test Selection section, the Job Profiler tool has been simplified and streamlined, and the algorithm that generates the “Recommended tests” has been refined. And once you have found the relevant Job profile for the position you have in mind, you can now customize the test battery directly by adding or removing tests. Formerly you customized the Job Profile itself, but some users found that confusing. So if you feel that the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the positions for which you’re hiring are different from the U.S. Department of Labor’s default profile for that job, you can add or delete tests from the battery directly from the Job Profile output page.

We love that our customers consistently tell us that they find HireSelect to be intuitive and user-friendly, so we take redesigning HireSelect very seriously. We didn’t want to mess up a good thing! It may take you a few minutes to get used to the new design, but we think it will be a much more efficient and user-friendly design in the long run. We really hope you like the new site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback – we love hearing from you!