Build a Winning Team: Webinar Recap

What does it take to build a winning team? In our latest webinar with Preferred Partner iCIMS, we explored this question by looking specifically at how great teams can be built right from the start: in the hiring process.

Criteria’s VP of Strategic Consulting Brad Schneider joined iCIMS’ Chief Evangelist Charles Mah and Chief People Officer Jewell Parkinson to discuss ways that organizations can build a successful team by focusing on the psychology behind job success.

The webinar delved into the qualities that make up a successful individual team member – qualities such as work ethic, cognitive aptitude, communication skills, and cooperativeness. The group also discussed the qualities that leaders and managers need to have in order to promote team cohesion and to bring out the best in each team member.

The panel also explored how assessments in the hiring process can help to identify candidates who are most likely to succeed on your teams. Assessments not only evaluate candidates on the most important qualities for success, but they can also do so in a way that is modern, engaging, and candidate-friendly.

Interested in learning more about the psychology behind building a winning team? Watch the webinar on-demand.