Announcing Universal Integrations with HireLink

The benefits of integrating two platforms together is clear – syncing all your information in one place makes it easier for you to work faster and more efficiently without switching between platforms. But full-scale custom integrations between platforms can sometimes be time-consuming, technically complex, and labor-intensive for all parties involved. And sometimes the platforms don’t integrate at all.

Criteria has partnered with HireLink to provide a universal integration tool for Criteria customers. Through the use of a simple browser extension on Google Chrome, the integration enables our customers to initiate assessment orders, view statuses, and access assessment results all within their hiring platform of choice. This simple tool provides the streamlined ease of a typical integration without a lot of the technical complexities and labor-intensive hours that are often required by full-scale software integrations.

Announcing Universal Integrations with HireLin

The HireLink universal integration tool is simple to use and easy to implement. Reach out to our team to learn more about setting it up for your organization.