Announcing Our New PowerPoint 2013 Test!

Today we’re releasing a new skills test for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. After hearing a lot of customer requests for a PowerPoint assessment, we developed a test designed to evaluate the basic skills needed to succeed in a wide range of jobs requiring regular PowerPoint use.

This 10-minute timed test measures proficiency with a wide range of functionalities in PowerPoint 2013. Some of the tasks that candidates are asked about involve working with images and text boxes, creating presentations, designing and formatting slides, and printing.  Score reports for the PowerPoint test provide a raw score of the number of questions an individual answered correctly, along with the percentile ranking of how well that individual performed compared to others.

Employers can use this test to determine whether or not an applicant has the basic competency required to use PowerPoint successfully in the workplace, allowing employers to screen for candidates who won’t require additional training in that area.

Like most skills tests, the PowerPoint test is primarily predictive of short-term success; in other words, the test can predict whether a candidate can perform the basic tasks required on day one of the job but won’t be able to predict a candidate’s ability to learn new skills and improve over time. For this reason, we always recommend pairing skills tests like this PowerPoint test with more predictive cognitive aptitude tests, which provide the more valuable signal for predicting long-term success.