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Criteria Corp Blog

The Latest in HR Technology and Pre-Employment Testing

92% of HR Professionals Say Assessments Drive Better Quality of Hire

7 Questions You Can Expect From Job Candidates

Are Hiring Professionals Losing Confidence?

83% of Employers Have Been Ghosted by a Candidate

The Promise and Peril of AI – And Why You Shouldn’t Trust It Blindly

What Percentage of Companies Use an ATS or HRIS?

HireSelect Now Integrates with BambooHR

Pre-Employment Testing 3.0: Webinar Recap

How to Harvest Top Talent This Fall

How Many of These Top Factors Are You Using in the Hiring Process?

5 of the Biggest Trends from HR Tech 2019

HR Spending is Projected to Rise, According to New Survey

Is Hiring Demand Finally Slowing Down?

Write a Job Posting Applicants Will Want to Read

Just Released: The 2019 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report

Need to Reduce Your Time to Hire? Assessments Can Help

How to Make Applying for Jobs More Mobile-Friendly

Hiring for “Culture Add” – Webinar Recap

What are Adaptive Assessments?

Social Media as a Hiring Tool?

Trainability: What It Is, and Why You Should Be Hiring for It

4 Ways to Win Over Job Candidates—Besides a Higher Salary

Attract New Hires Through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Five Ways to Hire a More Diverse Team

Avoiding the Bad Manager Problem: Webinar Recap

Losing Candidates in Your Hiring Process? Maybe That’s a Good Thing

Innate vs. Acquired Qualities

How to Avoid “Summer Slump” in the Workplace

Best Practices for Millennial Hiring: Webinar Recap

5 Major Trends from SHRM 2019

5 Types of Pre-Employment Tests

How do Game-Based Assessments Fit into the Hiring Process?

Why Writing Skills are Critical in the Workplace

HireSelect Now Integrates with JazzHR

Future-Proof Your Workforce: Webinar Recap

3 Reasons Why Gamification is a Perfect Fit for the Hiring Process

Does Working from Home Actually Work?

6 Stats That Show Just How Important Candidate Experience Is

The Microlearning Revolution: How Small Lessons Can Generate Big Results in Employee Training

How Accurate are Game-Based Assessments?

Tips to Boost Your HR Department’s Productivity

Game-Based Assessments 101

Social Recruiting, Simplified

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Job Title

Game-Based Assessments: Webinar Recap

It’s All in Your Head: How Mental Health Initiatives Are Good for Business

Introducing GAME, a New Game-Based Assessment

What is Recruitment Marketing?

6 Qualities of Great HR Managers (& How to Hire for Them)

Test Reliability: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

9 Critical Soft Skills to Look for In Candidates

Pre-Employment Testing 101: Webinar Recap

How to Identify High-Potential Candidates

Company Dress Codes: Professional or Passé?

An 11-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Testing Provider

Why Low Turnover Isn’t Always a Good Thing

5 Interview Tips for Small Businesses

Hiring for Soft Skills: Webinar Recap

What Customer Success Means to Us

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Enough Job Applicants

3 Ways to Trim Down the Requirements in Your Job Descriptions

Looking to Revitalize Your Interview Process?  Look No Further than These Creative Interview Questions

Why Happy Employees Are Good for Business

Achieving Hiring Success in 2019: Webinar Recap

Moving Past the Millennial: How Ageist Hiring Practices May be Hurting Your Applicant Pool

Don’t Let Changing Technology Prevent You from Hiring Great Employees

Degree or Not Degree

Why You Should Integrate Your HR Platform with HireSelect

Should Your HR Department Go Paperless?

Thinking of Offering Flexible Work Options? Weigh the Pros and Cons.

Announcing Universal Integrations with HireLink

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring?

Why the Order of Your Hiring Process Matters

4 Tips for Hiring Remote Workers

Finding Diamonds in the Rough Within Your Candidate Pool

Getting Job Candidates to Accept Your Offer

What an Increasing Retirement Age Could Mean for Your Business

The 4 Biggest Hiring Trends We Predict for 2019

How Technology Can Help You Achieve Greater Diversity in Hiring

6 Bad Hiring Habits You Should Break

Got a Slow Hiring Process? Here's What Could be at Stake.

6 Tips for Seasonal Recruiting this Year

What We Learned After Starting a Dog-Friendly Office

Standing out in a Candidate’s Market: Webinar Recap

6 Tips for Hiring Great Interns

How to Deal with Outliers in the Hiring Process

Don’t Let a Bad Hiring Decision Haunt You

Hiring Mistakes Happen. Here’s How to Learn from Them.

5 Reasons Great Employees Quit - And How to Prevent Them

Trends in Pre-Employment Testing: Webinar Recap

7 Qualities That Great Bosses Share

Has the Mobile Revolution Reached the Hiring Process?

7 Signs You Need Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Tests Are Used for All Job Levels, but Especially for Entry Level

4 Ways Gen Z is Changing the Way We Work

Measuring Hiring Success: Webinar Recap

Candidates Ghosting on Your Interview? Here’s Why—and How to Prevent It!

3 of the Biggest Trends from HR Tech

When Do Companies Administer Assessments to Candidates?

Hiring Demand Is Rising, but HR Budgets Are Rising Even Faster

Introducing the 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report

7 Myths About Pre-Employment Testing

Why Validation is Critical for Pre-Hire Assessments

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Assessment Provider

One-Click Job Postings with ZipRecruiter

How Should Hiring Managers Interpret Resume Gaps?

When to Take a Chance on a Stretch Candidate

5 Reasons Why Financial Wellness Benefits Are Good for Business

Want to Attract Top-Notch Talent? Try Paying More!

Are Your Entry-Level Job Requirements Too High?

Ask These 3 Questions to Choose the Right Candidate Assessments

Selection Trend: Blind Hiring

How do I Know My Pre-Employment Tests are Working?

Why You Should Administer Pre-Employment Tests to Executives

Dealing with Disciplinary Problems? Change Up How You Hire.

5 Ways to Reduce Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

4 Ways Companies Can Attract Millennial Job Seekers

Introducing the New HireSelect

How to Measure Your Offer Acceptance Rate

Trends in Parental Leave

How to Measure Cost Per Hire

Look Beyond the Light Resume

Is unlimited vacation a perk or a pain? Here’s how to tell

How Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent

Why You Should Track Sales Revenue as a Hiring Metric

Culture Fit: Is it More than Just a Buzzword?

What to Look for When Hiring Recent Grads

How to Measure Time to Hire

5 Tips for Standing Out in a Candidate’s Market

How to Measure Employee Performance

Should Your Company Invest In Structured Interviews?

Why You Should Track Training Completion as a Hiring Metric

When It Comes to Hiring, Data Isn't the Enemy

To Reach Millennial Job Seekers, Give Them Career Mobility

How to Measure Employee Turnover

The Future of Pre-Employment Testing

Testing Doesn’t Replace Hiring Decisions. It Enhances Them.

11 Key Hiring Metrics to Track

Tackling Turnover in Healthcare

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Overqualified Applicants

To Find Diamonds in the Rough, Look at Abilities, Not Resumes

Why You Should Standardize Your Testing Process

Why You Should Care About Your Employer Brand

GDPR Compliance: What You Need to Know

We Need More Women in Sales. Here’s How to Hire Them.

How to Inspire Loyalty in Millennial Employees

Need More Job Candidates? Look for Transferable Skills

Can Pre-Employment Tests Make You a Better Manager?

Why the Hiring Process Should be Gamified

6 Simple Steps to Reduce Gender Bias in Your Job Descriptions

An Introduction to Pre-Employment Testing

How to Communicate with Your Candidates About Testing

Closing the Skills Gap

The Limitations of Simulation Tests

The Benefits of Employee Referral Programs

4 Health and Wellness Trends Taking Corporate Offices by Storm

Three Questions I Ask Every Job Candidate To Test Their Soft Skills

7 Tips for Writing Great Job Descriptions

Reduce Your Hiring Risks with Pre-Employment Tests

The Mistakes You’re Making Before You Hire—and How to Fix Them

HireSelect Now Integrates with Breezy HR

How to Accommodate Employed Job Seekers

5 Benefits of Regular Performance Reviews

When Hiring Developers, Look Beyond Programming Tests

The 2018 Human Resources Trends To Keep On Your Radar

How to Attract Out of Town Talent

Hiring for Soft Skills? Test for Them.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Gen Z

How to Reduce Involuntary Turnover

How Pre-Employment Tests Help You Hire Great Salespeople

Next Year, Resolve to Get Better at Hiring

The Secret to Successful Seasonal Hires

5 Tips for Cultivating a Remote Workforce

The Dangers of a Toxic Hire

Is Multitasking Overrated?

California Passes “Ban the Box” Law

How to Reduce Voluntary Turnover

Why Spatial Reasoning is Important in the Workplace

4 Best Practices for Pre-Employment Testing

What to Look for When Hiring Millennials

The Ins and Outs of Introversion and Extroversion

4 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

Percentages vs. Percentiles: What’s the Difference?

Background Screenings Now Available in HireSelect with Checkr

Three Reasons Why Resumes Are Unreliable

Where to Put Testing in the Hiring Process

What’s the Big Deal About Attention to Detail?

The Top 4 Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Why Interviews Are Unreliable

Socially Responsible Companies Are More Appealing To “Millennial” Job Seekers

Introducing JobFlare, a Brain Games App for Job Seekers

The Absurdity of the "Snowflake Test"

Closing the Skills Gap in the Manufacturing Industry

The Perks of Dogs in the Workplace

Webinar: Rev Up Your Recruiting with Data-Driven Hiring

Curious about Pre-Employment Testing?

Announcing Our New PowerPoint 2013 Test!

Why You Shouldn’t Assume Job Applicants Have Basic Computer Skills

Two Qualities to Look for In Software Developers

We’re Updating the Language on a few of our Personality Tests

4 Hiring Trends to be Thankful for this Year

Pre-Employment Testing and Big Data Are Not the Same

Should You Be Hiring People With Grit?

Why General Tests Deliver Better Hiring Results Than Specific Skills Tests

The Trait You Should Look for In Every Job Candidate

Striking a Balance Between Quality and Speed in the Hiring Process

How Integrity Tests Get Honest Answers

Should You Ask Job Candidates About Salary History?

Which States are the Smartest?

Why You Shouldn’t Use the DISC for Hiring

Exciting Updates in HireSelect®!

What Our Data Says About the Gender Wage Gap

To Find the Best Talent, Look Within

When Hiring, How Important is Emotional Intelligence?

Structured vs. Unstructured Interviews: The Verdict

4 Tips for Improving the Candidate Experience

When Hiring, General Abilities Predict Success Better Than Specific Skills

Why is Measuring Quality of Hire So Difficult?

Can Aptitude Tests Be Used to Predict Bad Behavior?

Why Math Skills Are So Important in the Workplace

Introducing the UCAT, an Internationally-Friendly Aptitude Test

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pre-Employment Tests

The Cost of a Bad Hire and Reducing the Odds of Making One

Why Cognitive Aptitude is Such a Great Predictor of Job Performance

Announcing Our New Blind Hiring Feature

4 Reasons You Should Never Use the Myers-Briggs Test for Hiring

Google’s “Unbiasing” Efforts Set an Example for the HR World

Pre-Employment Testing and the ADA

How Integrity Tests Help with Risk Management

Blind Hiring: A New Trend in the Quest for Fair Hiring Practices

New Study Affirms the Predictive Power of Pre-Employment Tests

Quality vs. Quantity – The HR Dilemma of Finding Qualified Applicants

Our Pricing Explained

Criteria Corp Now Integrates with Greenhouse

Hiring Fail: The Humor in Hiring the Wrong Person

Credit checks for job candidates are losing favor as hiring criteria

How Much Testing is OK?

The Secret to Google's Hiring Revealed: Cognitive Ability

How Can I Trust Test Scores From Remote Tests?

What Are Integrity Tests?

Why Do Organizations Use Pre-Employment Tests?

What is Pre-Employment Testing?

Can a Candidate Be Too Qualified? Is Using a Max Score Cutoff Ever a Good Idea?

Cutoff Scores for Pre-Employment Tests

Legal Compliance in Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Testing: What to Expect

Where Should I Use Tests in My Hiring Process?

This Just In – Google discovers that GPAs are useless

Introducing the New EPP

Check out the new HireSelect!

Grammar Tests as Hiring Tools

Even in Low Margin Businesses, Investments in Hiring Pay Off

Middle school students taking the SAT? Are some of the best better than the rest?

Resumés are Unreliable

Integrity Test Added to HireSelect

Learning analytics in college: Predicting the grades you’ll get…that is… earn

Chrome and Mac users are smarter than IE users

Facebook Profiles as Predictors of Job Performance? Maybe...but not yet.

Help! One of my top performers bombed your test!

America's Computer Literacy Problem

Moneyball and Pre-employment Testing

The HAI and Tomorrow's Jobs Report

More NFL Draft Selection Geekiness

New Computer Skills Test (CLIK) Added to HireSelect

Last Place is Second Best? Ridiculous Advice From a Dating Website

Criteria Radio Interview

Twice As Many Job Seekers For Every Job

The NFL Draft as a Predictor of Success (Round 3)

A Misplaced Faith

Positive hiring trends at small businesses: Hiring Activity Index ticks up again in February

Criteria's Partnership with Harvard, NASA

Gladwell vs Pinker

Gladwell Revisited

Pre-Employment Testing Activity and Unemployment Claims

More Signs of Life for Hiring?

How does this Rorschach debate make you feel?

Microsoft Skills Tests Now Live on HireSelect

What is a Sales Aptitude Test?

What does a Customer Service Test Measure?

Hiring Activity Index Ticks Higher Again in March

Computer Skills Tests Coming

Are Small Businesses Starting to Hire Again?

The Hiring Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: The New Rules of the SAT and College Admissions

The Obama Effect?

Transparency and Truthfulness (in Advertising)

Gladwell's New Yorker Article on Hiring

Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers

Using College Admissions Exams: Part II

Product Update: Revised CPI Score Report

The Alaskan State of Mind

Personality Traits By State: A Recent Study

To Thine Own Self Be True

Introversion Reconsidered

Is it Time to Dump Job Interviews?

New Feature: HireSelect Results Analysis

Is the "Ultimate Test" in Golf Unreliable?

Study Examines Effectiveness of Employment Testing

Employment Personality Test: Part 3

Employment Personality Tests: Part 2

Employment Personality Tests: A Primer

Train Your Brain to Boost IQ?

The Wonderlic as a Predictor of Performance in the NFL

HireSelect, Pre-Employment Testing and Trends in HR

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