4 Ways Gen Z is Changing the Way We Work

Most companies don’t know much about hiring Generation Z workers. And why would they? Members of Gen Z were born between 1995 and 2010, so the oldest of the crop are just now beginning to enter the workforce.

More Americans belong to Gen Z than any other generation, so it’s time for hiring managers to start understanding this group and how its presence in our workforce will alter the way organizations run and colleagues collaborate. In this article, we’ll reveal four major ways Generation Z workers will change work culture as we know it.

1. Gen Zers Are Looking for a Cultural Fit

Gen Zers aren’t looking for just any job; they’re looking for meaningful and rewarding employment. According to a CNBC report, they’re particularly concerned with the daily work experience.

Generation Z job applicants prioritize whether a possible job is a true cultural fit for them. Gen Zers don’t want just any old job. They want to contribute; they want to feel like they belong.

That means that as hiring efforts start to cater more and more to this generation, you can expect to see work culture shift to accommodate the interests of this group. Think of incorporating more socially driven company initiatives like charity events, or invest in more mentorship opportunities to give new hires the chance to integrate within the company while developing their careers.

2. Gen Zers are Tech Lovers

This very tech-savvy group has grown up with cutting-edge technology in a world of distractions. They are almost always connected to some device or another. After all, they don’t know a world without smartphones. Don’t expect these workers to switch their phones or iPads or Fitbits off when they step into the office.

Instead, plan for your company to become even more technologically advanced. Gen Zers will be lightning fast on the computer, and know how to use technology quickly to deliver results. The key is to leverage technology designed to get work done, rather than distract from the goal.

3. Gen Zers Know How to Multitask

If you see a Gen Z graphic designer sitting at her desk eating a bagel, listening to music, answering emails, researching typography and looking at old movie posters, all while chatting with a colleague—she’s probably doing just fine. This generation was born to multitask. Gen Zers are used to constantly checking all their apps, but they do it almost with their eyes closed. It’s not necessarily a distraction; it’s second nature.

They’re also likely to start and stop a project rather than finish it in one sitting. And that’s okay, too. Expect to invest in workflow and project management apps that keep upper-level management confident while carrying Gen Z workers through deadlines.

4. Gen Zers Are Top-Notch Video Chatters

They’ve grown up Snapchatting and Skyping and Facetiming for fun. Now, Gen Zers will be bringing those skills to their new jobs.

While teleconferencing and video chatting have been used for a long time in the workplace, expect your newest, youngest hires to take video communication to the next level, choosing to make regular calls video chats just because they prefer it that way.

Video chatting, though, isn’t just about cool technology. It’s about human connection. And that’ll come into play in a Gen Z-rich workplace.


While we can’t fully predict how Gen Z will change the working world based on a bunch of generalizations, what we do know is that things WILL change, and employers should be ready and willing to adapt to the needs of a changing workforce.