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New Computer Skills Test (CLIK) Added to HireSelect

Written by Josh Millet

Just a quick heads up that we introduced a new computer skills test today. If you want to read the press release it is here. A lot of customers have been asking about a quick assessment of basic computer literacy, so we created one. It's designed to determine whether a candidate has fluency with basic computer skills that many employers take for granted--using the internet, email, etc.  Very often employers find out too late that they should NOT be taking these skills for granted, because even in the US, they are far from universal.  The name of the new test if the Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK).

Josh Millet

Written by Josh Millet

Josh Millet is the CEO and co-founder of Criteria Corp, a pre-employment testing platform designed to make predictive, scientifically-validated testing solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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