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Is it Time to Dump Job Interviews?

Written by Josh Millet

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Last week the New York Times published an interview with the authors of Sway, a new book that documents a series of psychological forces that lead people to disregard logic and act irrationally. One chapter in Sway deals with the phenomenon of the job interview, and describes the "first date" format of job interview that is so ubiquitous in America today. Most job interviews resemble first dates because employers utilize an unstructured "get to know the candidate" approach in which the interviewers try to establish a rapport with the interviewee, discover common interests, and form an impression as to whether the candidate will be a "good fit" at the company. The problem with "first date" interviews is that asking candidates to "describe themselves" or assess their "strengths and weaknesses" too often leads to canned answers that don't reveal much about future performance.

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