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How Integrity Tests Get Honest Answers

Written by Michelle Silverstein

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Integrity tests are one type of pre-hire personality test that seeks to determine how likely it is that a person may engage in counterproductive work behaviors, such as theft, fraud, or tardiness. Most personality tests measure a person’s traits and behavioral tendencies through a series of targeted questions, but the way in which different tests go about asking these questions can vary quite a bit.

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How Integrity Tests Help with Risk Management

Written by Michelle Silverstein

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All employers take a little bit of a risk when they hire a new employee. Will the employee excel in the job? Will the employee fit in with the company culture?  Will the employee be happy with the job responsibilities associated with the position? These are all normal concerns that any hiring manager may have. Pre-employment tests can help address these concerns by providing employers with data-driven insights that have been shown to predict performance, and thus reduce the risk of an unproductive hire.

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