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Why General Tests Deliver Better Hiring Results Than Specific Skills Tests

[fa icon="calendar'] October 13, 2016 by Josh Millet

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As a pre-employment testing provider, we offer both general aptitude and personality tests, as well as micro-skills tests such as typing tests and computer skills assessments. We’ve written about some of the differences between general tests and more specific tests, and we’ve found that many people continue to have misconceptions about the profound differences between general and specific tests, both in terms of the science behind them and the types of results companies should expect from them.

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The Trait You Should Look for In Every Job Candidate

[fa icon="calendar'] October 06, 2016 by Michelle Silverstein

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The job market is filled with a diverse array of jobs suited for an equally diverse set of personalities. A sales associate probably won’t have the same personality as a software developer, nor should they. There are very few personality traits that are predictive of success across every type of position. However, extensive research has demonstrated that one personality trait is correlated with success in just about every job out there. That trait is Conscientiousness.

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How Integrity Tests Get Honest Answers

[fa icon="calendar'] August 24, 2016 by Michelle Silverstein

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Integrity tests are one type of pre-hire personality test that seeks to determine how likely it is that a person may engage in counterproductive work behaviors, such as theft, fraud, or tardiness. Most personality tests measure a person’s traits and behavioral tendencies through a series of targeted questions, but the way in which different tests go about asking these questions can vary quite a bit.

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