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Help! One of my top performers bombed your test!

Written by Josh Millet

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The most effective method we have for selling our pre-employment testing software, HireSelect, is our 30-day free trial. It allows prospective customers to try the tests, preview the software, and ask our sales team questions about how to best use HireSelect. We also encourage people to evaluate HireSelect by administering the tests to a group of their existing employees. Since companies have a good idea of how their existing employees are performing, testing incumbents can be an effective way to analyze the accuracy and predictive validity of our tests. Most testing companies won't let potential customers preview their tests in such a comprehensive way, but for us it's a great sales tool-we have plenty of evidence about the predictive accuracy of our tests, and we want to make sure people see the value in our assessments before they invest in using our service.

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