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The Latest in HR Technology and Pre-Employment Testing

Curious about Pre-Employment Testing?

Announcing Our New PowerPoint 2013 Test!

Why You Shouldn’t Assume Job Applicants Have Basic Computer Skills

Two Qualities to Look for In Software Developers

We’re Updating the Language on a few of our Personality Tests

4 Hiring Trends to be Thankful for this Year

Pre-Employment Testing and Big Data Are Not the Same

Should You Be Hiring People With Grit?

Why General Tests Deliver Better Hiring Results Than Specific Skills Tests

The Trait You Should Look for In Every Job Candidate

Striking a Balance Between Quality and Speed in the Hiring Process

How Integrity Tests Get Honest Answers

Should You Ask Job Candidates About Salary History?

Which States are the Smartest?

Why You Shouldn’t Use the DISC for Hiring

Exciting Updates in HireSelect®!

What Our Data Says About the Gender Wage Gap

To Find the Best Talent, Look Within

When Hiring, How Important is Emotional Intelligence?

Structured vs. Unstructured Interviews: The Verdict

4 Tips for Improving the Candidate Experience

When Hiring, General Abilities Predict Success Better Than Specific Skills

Why is Measuring Quality of Hire So Difficult?

Can Aptitude Tests Be Used to Predict Bad Behavior?

Why Math Skills Are So Important in the Workplace

Introducing the UCAT, an Internationally-Friendly Aptitude Test

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pre-Employment Tests

The Cost of a Bad Hire and Reducing the Odds of Making One

Why Cognitive Aptitude is Such a Great Predictor of Job Performance

Announcing Our New Blind Hiring Feature

4 Reasons You Should Never Use the Myers-Briggs Test for Hiring

Google’s “Unbiasing” Efforts Set an Example for the HR World

Pre-Employment Testing and the ADA

How Integrity Tests Help with Risk Management

Blind Hiring: A New Trend in the Quest for Fair Hiring Practices

New Study Affirms the Predictive Power of Pre-Employment Tests

Quality vs. Quantity – The HR Dilemma of Finding Qualified Applicants

Our Pricing Explained

Criteria Corp Now Integrates with Greenhouse

Hiring Fail: The Humor in Hiring the Wrong Person

Credit checks for job candidates are losing favor as hiring criteria

How Much Testing is OK?

The Secret to Google's Hiring Revealed: Cognitive Ability

How Can I Trust Test Scores From Remote Tests?

What Are Integrity Tests?

Why Do Organizations Use Pre-Employment Tests?

What is Pre-Employment Testing?

Can a Candidate Be Too Qualified? Is Using a Max Score Cutoff Ever a Good Idea?

Cutoff Scores for Pre-Employment Tests

Legal Compliance in Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Testing: What to Expect

Where Should I Use Tests in My Hiring Process?

This Just In – Google discovers that GPAs are useless

Introducing the New EPP

Check out the new HireSelect!

Grammar Tests as Hiring Tools

Even in Low Margin Businesses, Investments in Hiring Pay Off

Middle school students taking the SAT? Are some of the best better than the rest?

Resumés are Unreliable

Integrity Test Added to HireSelect

Learning analytics in college: Predicting the grades you’ll get…that is… earn

Chrome and Mac users are smarter than IE users

Facebook Profiles as Predictors of Job Performance? Maybe...but not yet.

Help! One of my top performers bombed your test!

America's Computer Literacy Problem

Moneyball and Pre-employment Testing

The HAI and Tomorrow's Jobs Report

More NFL Draft Selection Geekiness

New Computer Skills Test (CLIK) Added to HireSelect

Last Place is Second Best? Ridiculous Advice From a Dating Website

Criteria Radio Interview

Twice As Many Job Seekers For Every Job

The NFL Draft as a Predictor of Success (Round 3)

A Misplaced Faith

Positive hiring trends at small businesses: Hiring Activity Index ticks up again in February

Criteria's Partnership with Harvard, NASA

Gladwell vs Pinker

Gladwell Revisited

Pre-Employment Testing Activity and Unemployment Claims

More Signs of Life for Hiring?

How does this Rorschach debate make you feel?

Microsoft Skills Tests Now Live on HireSelect

What is a Sales Aptitude Test?

What does a Customer Service Test Measure?

Hiring Activity Index Ticks Higher Again in March

Computer Skills Tests Coming

Are Small Businesses Starting to Hire Again?

The Hiring Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: The New Rules of the SAT and College Admissions

The Obama Effect?

Transparency and Truthfulness (in Advertising)

Gladwell's New Yorker Article on Hiring

Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers

Using College Admissions Exams: Part II

Product Update: Revised CPI Score Report

The Alaskan State of Mind

Personality Traits By State: A Recent Study

To Thine Own Self Be True

Introversion Reconsidered

Is it Time to Dump Job Interviews?

New Feature: HireSelect Results Analysis

Is the "Ultimate Test" in Golf Unreliable?

Study Examines Effectiveness of Employment Testing

Employment Personality Test: Part 3

Employment Personality Tests: Part 2

Employment Personality Tests: A Primer

Train Your Brain to Boost IQ?

The Wonderlic as a Predictor of Performance in the NFL

HireSelect, Pre-Employment Testing and Trends in HR

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